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When you become sick or injured, you need to go to the doctor and get them to diagnose you, then give you a plan for treatment. This process normally involves calling a clinic, booking an appointment, travelling there, and then sitting in a waiting room until the doctor calls you for your appointment.

This is the traditional way; however, more and more people are starting to discover the benefits of getting online prescriptions instead of going the traditional route. The following will examine some of the most lauded benefits of getting online prescriptions.


1.   Don’t need to leave home

The major benefit of online prescriptions is that they are done digitally, meaning that you don’t need to travel to a clinic or sit in a waiting room. Eliminating the ordeal of having to travel to a clinic and wait for the doctor to see you will save you a huge amount of time, stress, and money that you would have otherwise spent on travel/fuel.

There are plenty of conditions that the doctor can diagnose over video chat through a telehealth services that provides online prescriptions. There is no need to physically attend a clinic location if you have obvious flu symptoms that you will be given a standard course of antibiotics to treat.

This is why telehealth services are so great, they eliminate a lot of the wastage that occurs in the medical industry by speeding up the more routine appointments. The only downside is that they are not covered by Medicare, so you need to pay outright for the digital conference call.


2.   Start your recovery sooner


When you go and get an online prescription, it means you can head straight to the pharmacy from your house. Within a space of 10 minutes, you could have completed your digital consultation with a doctor and be on your way to the pharmacy that is most convenient for you.

Rather than spending time calling a clinic, speaking to a receptionist to organise an appointment time, travelling there, and then sitting in a room with other sick people (which could infect you) and annoying children, you could instead already be on your way home with your required medication in hand. This is why getting an online prescription is becoming so popular around Australia – it’s just so much more convenient and allows people to get back to normal with much less fuss.


3.   Save money on fuel and travel

When you get an online prescription, it means you don’t need to get in the car and travel all the way to the doctor’s surgery, find a park, and then drive home again afterwards. This means you won’t deplete as much of your tank of petrol in your car, allowing you to have more time between filling up at the gas station.

This is good because it means you will be doing less driving, and therefore putting less pollution into the atmosphere via the exhaust fumes from your car. Also, because petrol can be very expensive at times, it’s good for you to save money and put less demand on a system that is not sustainable for the long term (fossil fuels).

There you have it, 3 reasons why online prescriptions are so beneficial. If you want to try this kind of process for yourself, connect with a telehealth service.

3 Major Benefits Of Getting Online Prescriptions

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