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Blockout Curtains Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Buying blockout curtains may seem to be a simple task. In reality, the world is what you see through the windows of your house. What better way to enhance the beauty of your surroundings than with the right window treatments? With generations, blockout curtains have been the most popular method of adorning windows, and for good reason.

Options abound and may be purchased or custom-made to suit practically any aesthetic or budget. They are versatile enough to be used in a formal dining room or a children’s playground.

Blockout curtains get a bonus for their functionality. They may not only improve the aesthetics of a space, but they can also give seclusion and reduce glare. In addition to reducing noise pollution, blockout curtains may also prevent chilly draughts, save on heating bills, and save money.

As a result, how can you know what to look for when purchasing blockout curtains? If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up making a terrible mistake while purchasing blockout curtains.

Window treatments like blockout curtains are excellent, but selecting the correct ones may be difficult. Before you go curtain shopping, make sure you avoid these blunders.

Not Taking the Proper Measurements for Your New Blockout Curtains

In the case of window treatments, the old saying holds true. If you’re going to measure for curtains, you should do it twice to save money on purchasing. If you make a measurement error, you may end up with curtains that are either too large or too little to be functional.

Aside from the inconvenience of having to repeat your search if you wind up with curtains that are too large, another possibility is that you will be disappointed with your selection. Grab a tape measure and a piece of paper to record your stats. Keep in mind that curtain widths and lengths are commonly referred to as the first and second numbers, respectively.

Count the distance from the outside of the window to the inside. Boundaries may be established by using the framing or window trim’s furthest border. This is the minimum width of your blockout curtains.

To put it another way, this is a matter of personal choice. If you want a broader appearance, increase this width by three times. To have a more streamlined appearance, just twice the value. Regardless of the number you chose, split it in half and begin searching for individual panels in that width.

Choosing Materials That Need a Lot of Maintenance

You don’t have to worry about your curtains clogging up your to-do list. Choose materials that are easy to maintain and need little upkeep. You may be willing to spend money on dry cleaning on a regular basis.

Alternatively, if you like, you can just wash and rehang. Either way, make sure you get curtains that you’re willing to properly care for. Polyester and cotton, two classic go-to textiles, make excellent curtains since they are simple to clean.

Many of these curtains may be washed and even dried in the washing machine or dryer. Check the fabric’s care and washing instructions thoroughly before beginning to buy.

Curtains may change the appearance of a room. It’s possible that they’ll seem out of place if the rest of your design choices don’t complement them properly.

If you want a more conventional aesthetic, classic curtain selections are a good place to start. If you have a lot of area to work with, you may mix and match patterns and colors to suit your needs. Curtains made of cotton and polyester are excellent choices for medium-heavy windows.

Blockout curtains that complement your home’s contemporary grandeur or eclectic design are a great way to make a statement. Luxurious velvets elevate the opulence of any room. Silk in vivid hues may add a dramatic elegance to any outfit. This might be done by using metallic patterns in your opulent decor.

different leather lounges inside a store

Tips for New Homeowners Seeking Leather Lounges

New homeowners looking to furnish their homes have a blank canvas to work with.

Designers love these scenarios but there are families that can be confused or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice.

A common thread for consumers in this position is the acquisition of leather lounges for the living room space, covering all the essential bases from comfort to aesthetics.

They add prestige and class without having to be overly expensive.

While these properties are great selling points, it still takes a degree of insight and instinct to identify the right leather set for the domestic space.


1) Keep Options Open

Whether they are boutique stores that offer the absolute top range of leather lounges to secondhand outlets turning over unwanted stock, it is important to keep the options open. This will help shoppers to scour the entire market and take a patient approach to the project. When new homeowners are not aware of the outlets in their area and settle for the first supplier that presents themselves, customers are suddenly boxed into a very narrow selection of leather goods. There is a significant amount of competition in this industry, displaying local and international brands through an online and offline space.


2) Sniff Out Deals & Discounts

Shoppers should not have to pay the full market price for leather lounges if there are specified windows where the figure is slashed. By signing up to newsletters and follow suppliers on social media accounts, it is easy to determine where the value can be sourced. These marketing measures are designed to entice more business, but they are tools that should be leveraged for the benefit of the customer. From clearance sales to Black Friday and Boxing Day sales windows, playing the waiting game can pay big dividends to slash those prices upwards of 20-30% or more.


3) Identifying Real vs. Faux Leather

a set of maroon leather lounges

Yes, there will be some new homeowners operating on a budget who will be happy to settle for faux leather lounges, but there is a major distinction between those consumers and others who believe they are buying the real article. These fake items will experience a higher degree of wear and tear before they have to be replaced inside a couple of years. The real material will offer inconsistent bumps across the surface with musk and aroma that is distinguishable from faux brands. They will also absorb liquid that is poured onto the surface, a method that is best applied to sample patches.


4) Online Ratings

Even the small corner store offering their line of leather lounges will be ranked and rated just like the major national retailers. This is free and transparent information that outlines the performance of each business and how satisfied their customer base is with their service. Run an online check of the 5-star ratings for quality and quantity. Read the comments. See the mentions on social media. It is invaluable data that does not necessarily guarantee a great sale but at least helps consumers avoid a bad one.


5) Home Delivery Service

There can be a fragility with leather lounges when they are transported from the shop floor to the living room of a newly furnished home. Depending on the business, they will either incorporate the delivery service as part of the package, add a major surcharge for the privilege, offer a referral to a delivery company or leave the client to address this matter by themselves. For new homeowners who want real value with their investment of leather lounges, they should only do business with those who look out for their interests.